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IHAF Responds to Hurricane Disasters 2017!

IHAF Responds to Hurricane Disasters 2017!

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Hi all! Crazy couple of days here in Virgin Islands! Yes they have electric to the island and a couple of lights on, but the work is far from over! Electric is only to a couple of locations downtown that were not too damaged and are not far from where the power comes from Tortola. So many of the homes everywhere else on the island are so destroyed, even when they get power to their area they will still have nothing to connect it to. 
Dr Erik and I flew in a U.K. Military helicopter yesterday over to Peeples Hospital in Tortola to see if we can clear up the administrative issues with getting medical volunteers cleared to work here. We met with several people, and the answers were not very helpful, but it may be a start to cutting through some red tape. 
The way things worked out, we missed the Last Ferry back to VG, so I thought I would take the opportunity to fill the plane with fuel to prep it to fly some of the Team Rubicon guys to Antigua to catch their flight back to U.K. After helping out here for 3weeks. Was surprised to find their Avgas pump was broken so they had none available! Tried to clearance to fly to St Thomas to get fuel, that was a nightmare- was bounced back and forth between St Thomas and San Juan customs, calling at least 16 or 20 different numbers and either could not get through or was told I had to talk w some one else. 
Dr Erik and I ended up sleeping at the airport , with a lot of persuasion was able to convince fuel staff to find a way to repair pump so we could get the guys who had worked so hard back home. Finally knew success around 1pm and took off for Antigua about 1:30! Was also able to get fuel when I returned for our return trip planned on Monday! There’s a lot more to do, could not get to St Johns like I was supposed to at all, so hopefully soon we can get there also to see what can be done. Check out this brief video-

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Shipping Containers in action at Consolation Center, southern Haiti


Construction of a New YMCA Education Center


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