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Haiti Update

Haiti Update

Hello all, I am going to try to send a bunch of photos that show some of the current things going on here.  The girls home is coming along beautifully, we just have to finish the bunk beds, showers, and cooking area and then we can move them there.  the hospital has a team of Brazilians here, they didnt have many patients until we made a TV announcement in this area that Brenda hospital would see any patients who are still suffering from earthquake related injuries for free.  On Monday they had over 100 people show up, many with injuries that had not been treated professionally and were now infected, some with broken bones still not set, others that had been treated but bones had shifted or other serious infections had set in.  Apparently many people were staying home because they have no money and some of the other hospitals, especially the private ones, have been charging for care.

We have brought some of the private pilots into to see the hospital and the orphanage, many of them have been volunteering themselves, and their planes, including thousands of dollars worth of fuel to fly supplies and people whereever they are needed, and have never seen where everything is going and being used.  They often never leave the airport. The guys that have come through so far were just blown away by what they saw and very impressed with all the efforts that are being made to help the people here.  Its very important for them to have a sense of how important their work is.  Without the private pilots there would be so many people suffering so much more.

We are still looking for certain things like an xray developer, another autoclave, an oxygen flow valve, etc.  Just heard last night that Sisters of the Poor children’s hospital and orphanage desperately needs diapers, formula, baby wipes, baby clothes.  I asked for a list to be put together so we can add it to one of our containers.

Guess thats all for now, let me add the photos and see how long it takes to send!
Yours in service,

our girls checking out the new showers!

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