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Feb. 21

Feb. 21

Yesterday, Saturday, February 21, was again an eventful day!  Ivald, our faithful friend and tireless worker, probably starts most days before the rest of us.  He has been picking up and dropping off some of the guys working on Consolation Center.  The masons are just finishing the outdoor kitchen we decided to build behind the rear dorm container, there are some guys finishing the thatching of the third container, and a couple others have just finished welding the bed frames together for up to 36 beds.  After some preliminary organizing in the morning, we make 2 pickups of supplies, pilots and visitors at the airport.  Peter takes the one pickup truck that we have been renting, giving a tour to our pilot and supporter from CA, while I, for the first time, rent/borrow a “Tap Tap”!  You should see the faces of people when they see a “blanc” driving a tap-tap (taxi pickup truck)!  I wonder if it has ever happened before!  It worked out beautifully as we gave quick tours to a couple of our pilots, Justin, Mike and Mike’s wife Donna.   They of course loved the girls, the new orphanage and the work happening at the hospital.  Donna and Mike are going back to their home church to see if they can help raise more ongoing support for the care of our girls.  That will be greatly appreciated!   Currently, it costs us about $2,000.00 per child per year for food, clothes, school, medical care, etc.  With the new expanded orphanage, we will need every penny we can find.  Please pray that support will come in from everywhere as needed!

I keep finding that God has a way of giving us just what we need when we need it. Yesterday I was at the hospital, one of the Brazilian docs mentioned that they need small xray film. late in the afternoon I rode a motorbike, on the 1mile rocky road no less, to Espwa for a meeting about housing. ended up staying for dinner, happened to mentioned that we are looking for xray film, guess what? One of the teams that had been there left some behind- just the smaller sizes that the hospital needs! It just keeps happening like that over and over. Some of the pilots flying supplies in are so impressed with the work here, they are coming next week to volunteer for a few days helping out. Thank-you for the prayers and the support! Could not be here without you!

After our visitors were on their way back to the Bahamas, Djeune (and baby Lenz) and I picked up Dr. Jerry who is from Alaska and volunteering at Pwoje Espwa.  We asked him to stop and take a look at our girls to check on a skalp condition that some of our girls have.  Not only did he and the girls have a great time visiting, but he found that 6 of our girls have impataego (sp?), a type of staff infection easily treated with anti biotics.  A few others are still showing signs of malnutrition from before we had them, but they are slowly getting better.
Ended the work day around 7:30 after a meeting with the Haitian board members that work with Eddie and Djeune to discuss where we are at with Consolation Center, etc. Had supper with Natalie, who works with Pwoje Espwa, and ended up stopping back at her apartment with the Haitian guys that share the apartment with her, to help her remove her arm cast!  It was time to take it off, (she broke her arm when she fell on a motorbike).  We soaked it for about an hour in a bucket and then cut and broke it off with the help of my swiss army knife!  That was kinda fun, and her arm looks all healed up now! 
 I will try to attach some photos to this in a little while if we still have internet.  Going to be meeting with Pierre shortly to talk about more orphans that he knows of that need help.  Will try to update later.  yours in service, Andy

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