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Haiti Disaster

Haiti Disaster

Just a quick note to all who may be concerned.  There are four of us here in Haiti now from the US who are here now after the earthquake.  Thom Kelly left and Monday and is home safely.   We came down here to work on the new home for girls that IHAF (International Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Inc.) is helping to build in southern Haiti.  We are all safe and comfortable enough for the moment but we are not sure when we will be able to get home at this point.  We were supposed to go home tomorrow but that is not going to happen with the disaster conditions in Port au Prince.  We are looking for ways that we can help from here since we are here anyway,  Eduoard will be talking with his supervisor at the UN tomorrow to see what we could do.  We have welding equipment, generator, jacks, etc. and may be able to help in some way.  In the midst of all of this, Honel’s wife (a Hatian that works with us) is having her baby as we speak.  I have been to the hospital with him several times to offer food and suppport there.  I was there at midnight last night when more strong tremors shook and many panicked,.   People are all sleeping in the streets, even here, where the damage was minimal.   I need to go for now so others can use the skype connection to make calls. Its the only way we can communicate right now.  If any would like to send support, please donate through .  We were in the process of finding funding for another container of rice meals that is ready to be shipped from the US and donations would help that happen sooner than later.

You can read about 2 recent news items here:

If anyone can find some of the supplies below please let me know. Thanks!

Dermatome with blades
Mesher with mesh plates and cards
K wires all sizes
Steinman pins
Pin cutter
Plaster saw
Bandage scissors


Yours in service,

Donate to help to the Haiti Disaster Relief:

Haiti Disaster Relief Donation

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  1. Ray Williams says:

    Contact Abe McIntyre @ WIll have 4 planes in Les Cayes Sunday (weather permiting) landing med supplies and evac-ing to Nassau. Good people, great mission.

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